Videos of Bill Taylor playing several pieces from the Robert ap Huw ms, using a gut-strung medieval harp by Rainer Thurau.  These were performed at a symposium on the poetry of Dayfdd ap Gwilym in Swansea on 4 April 2007, titled "The Sound World of Dafydd ap Gwilym"

For Mac Users, follow these instructions to see videos using Windows Media Player.  First choose for Mac OS X, and then choose the second option which describes viewing media files on the internet (as can be seen on: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/alldownloads.aspx )

Extract from Caniad Pibau Morfudd (Robert ap Huw manuscript, p. 90)

Caniad Ystafell (Robert ap Huw manuscript, p. 38)

Cainc Ruffudd ab Adda ap Dafydd (Robert ap Huw manuscript, p. 57)

Gosteg Dafydd Athro (Robert ap Huw manuscript, p. 15)

Extract from Caniad San Silin (Robert ap Huw manuscript, p. 69)

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